Yi-Wen Lin


Academic Degree(s)






Current Position

  • Prof. of College of Chinese Medicine, Graduate Institute of Acupuncture Science


Professional Experience

  • Prof from 2016/08/01~


Education & Training

  • National Yang Ming University, Taiwan, PhD       2001-2004     
  • Academia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Post Doctoral, 2005/1~2009/1


Research Grants

  • 個別型,,1-3,林以文(Lin Yi-Wen),,中醫藥研究中心(中醫暨針灸研究群組),電針治療慢性疼痛之臨床試驗與機轉探討,$300000,2017.1.1 ~ 2017.12.31.
  • 個別型,,MOST 105-2320-B-039-024-,林以文(Lin Yi-Wen),國科會,電針治療纖維肌痛症中第三型酸敏性通道所扮演的角色與機轉,$1000000,2016.8.1 ~ 2017.7.31.
  • 個別型,MOST 104-2320-B-039-010,林以文(Lin Yi-Wen),國科會,以小鼠纖維肌痛症模式來從週邊到中樞探討電針止痛中NMDA所扮演的角色與機轉,$900000,2015.8.1 ~ 2016.7.31


Selected Publication

  • 顏良達(Yen, Liang-Ta)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)、徐新政(Hsin-Cheng Hsu)*、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)*,Targeting ASIC3 for Relieving Mice Fibromyalgia Pain: Roles of Electroacupuncture, Opioid, and Adenosine,Scientific Reports,2017 Apr,7:46663,SCI
  • 廖恩賜、唐娜櫻(Nou-Ying Tang)、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)*,Long-term electrical stimulation at ear and electro-acupuncture at ST36-ST37 attenuated COX-2 in the CA1 of hippocampus in kainic acidinduced epileptic seizure rats,Scientific Reports,2017 Mar,7(472):1-9,SCI
  • 廖先胤(Hsien-Yin Liao)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)、(Chun-Ping Huang)*、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)*,Electroacupuncture Attenuates CFA-induced Inflammatory Pain by suppressing Nav1.8 through S100B, TRPV1, Opioid, and Adenosine Pathways in Mice,Scientific Reports,2017 Feb,7():42531,SCI
  • 呂孔文(KUNG-WEN LU)、(Chao-Kuei Hsu)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)、楊潤(Jun Yang)、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)*,Probing the Effects and Mechanisms of Electroacupuncture at Ipsilateral or Contralateral ST36–ST37 Acupoints on CFA-induced Inflammatory Pain,Scientific Reports,2016 Feb,6():22123,SCI
  • 郭謦同(Ching-Tung Kuo)、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)、唐娜櫻(Nou-Ying Tang)、程錦宜(Chin-Yi Cheng)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)*,Electric stimulation of the ears ameliorated learning and memory impairment in rats with cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury,Scientific Reports,2016 Feb,6(20381):,SCI
  • (Monchanok Choowanthanapakorn)、呂孔文(KUNG-WEN LU)、楊潤(Jun Yang)、謝慶良(Ching-Liang Hsieh)、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)*,Targeting TRPV1 for Body Weight Control using TRPV1−/− Mice and Electroacupuncture,Scientific Reports,2015 Dec,5(17366):1-9,SCI
  • (Chia-Ching John Lin)、(Wei-Nan Chen)、(Chien-Ju Chen)、林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)、(Andreas Zimmer)、(Chih-Cheng Chen)*,An antinociceptive role for substance P in acid-induced chronic muscle pain,PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,2012 Jan,109(2):E76-E83,SCI
  • 林以文(Lin Yi-Wen)、(Chao-Min Cheng)、(Robert M. Bellin)、(Robert L. Steward)、(Yuan-Ren Cheng)、(Philip R. LeDuc)*、(Chih-Cheng Chen)*,Probing localized neural mechanotransduction through surface-modified elastomeric matrices and electrophysiology,Nature Protocols,2010 Apr,5(4):714-724,SCI