Prof. Keith W. Kelle



Academic Degree(s)





Current Position

  • Professor Emeritus of Immunophysiology, Department of Animal Sciences in the College of ACES and in the Department of Pathology in the College of Medicine, Integrative Immunology and Behavior Faculty, Neuroscience Program Faculty, Nutritional Sciences Program Faculty, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



  • 2017 Keynote Speaker, “Nourishing the Mind & Body: From Immune to Neuroscience,” China Medical University, Taiwan
  • 2017 Keynote Speaker, III Congress of the Mexican Society of Neuroimmunoendocrinology, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • 2017 Organizer and Chair, PNIRSAsia-Pacific symposium, Australasian Neuroscience Society, Sydney, Australia
  • 2016 Keynote Speaker, Triangle Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, 2015 Spring Neuroscience Day, Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • 2016 International Conference of Physiological Sciences, Symposium Organizer for PNIRS and Chair, Beijing, China


Selected Publication

  • Liu, T.Y. Wu, Y. Zhang, Y.Y Yang, K.W. Kelley, C.L. Jiang, Y.X. Wang. 2015. TNFα mediates stress-induced depression by upregulating indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase. European Cytokine Network 26:15-25.
  • Raison, C.L., M. Lawson, R. Dantzer, K.W. Kelley, B.J. Woolwine, G. Vogt, J. Spivey, K. Saito and A.H. Miller. 2010. CSF concentrations of brain tryptophan and kynurenines during immune stimulation with IFNα: Relationship to CNS immune responses and depression. Molecular Psychiatry 15:393-403.
  • O’Connor, J.C., M.A. Lawson, C. André, E.M. Briley, S.S. Szegedi, J. Lestage, N. Castanon, M. Herkenham, R. Dantzer and K.W. Kelley. 2009. Induction of IDO by Bacille Calmette-Guérin is responsible for development of murine depressive-like behavior. J. Immunology 182:3202-3212.
  • Dantzer, R., J.C. O’Connor, G.G. Freund, R.W. Johnson and K.W. Kelley. 2008. From inflammation to sickness and depression: When the immune system subjugates the brain. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 9:46-57.
  • Strle, K., S.R. Broussard, R.H. McCusker, W.H. Shen, J.M. LeCleir, R.W. Johnson, G.G. Freund, R. Dantzer and K.W. Kelley. 2006. C-jun N-terminal kinase mediates TNFα suppression of differentiation in myoblasts. Endocrinology 147:4363-4373.
  • Shen, W.H., Y. Yin, S.R. Broussard, R.H. McCusker, G.G. Freund, R. Dantzer and K.W. Kelley. 2004. Tumor necrosis factor α inhibits cyclin A expression and retinoblastoma hyperphosphorylation triggered by insulin-like growth factor-I induction of new E2F-1 synthesis. J. Biological Chemistry 279:7438-7446.