Dr. Colleen M. Doran




Academic Degree(s)

Doctor of Jurisprudence





Current Position

  • Principal, Doran Law Office, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA


Professional Experience

Colleen Doran is passionate about expanding awareness and understanding of psychoneuroimmunology, the evidence that supports it and its potential for healing. She brings a unique perspective and non-clinical voice to this conference on the impact of psychoneuroimmunology and its application to improving lives and empowering healing in the world. Colleen is a respected speaker known for her compelling viewpoints on trauma and its consequences. An attorney by training and a keynote speaker by choice, Colleen brings an evidence-based mind-set to helping people understand the value and potential of psychoneuroimmunology. In her review of research relating to psychoneuroimmunology, she realized its value in unlocking many mysteries of the human experience, particularly as it relates to trauma and its impacts on us as individuals and society as a whole. She has keynoted several conferences on subjects relating to Psychosomatic Medicine, Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Immune Systems and Trauma in the Legal Profession, and is a frequent speaker on topics relating to the survival of torture and trauma victims. She is a life-long learner who continuously seeks knowledge, evidence and different perspectives on the human experience of healing without regard for the strictures of either an Eastern philosophy or a Western medical perspective.


Education & Training

  • St Catherine’s University, St Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • University of St Thomas School of Law, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA