Prof. Karl Bechter


Academic Degree(s)

Dr. med. , Dr. med. Habil., Prof. in Psychiatry




Current Position



Professional Experience

  • Research assistant 1977 -79 in Neurology
  • Research assistant, Oberarzt 1979-1986-2000 in psychiatry
  • Head of Department Psychosomatics 2000- 2015

Education & Training

  • Training to Specialist in neurology and psychiatry 1977 – 1985
  • Training to in psychotherapy



Kurt Schneider Prize 1996


Research Grants

  • BMFT
  • Stanley Foundation
  • Margarete Ammon Stiftung
  • EU


Committee & Membership

DGPPN, Biol Psychiatry, EPA


Selected Publication

  • Bechter K.(2017) Bipolar cells precede bipolar minds - But relations are complex. Brain Behavior Immunity.

  • Mack A, Pfeiffer C, Schneider EM, Bechter K.(2017) Schizophrenia or Atypical Lupus Erythematosus with Predominant Psychiatric Manifestations over 25 Years: Case Analysis and Review.Frontiers Psychiatry.

  • Anderson G, Berk M, Dodd S, Bechter K, Altamura AC, Dell'osso B, Kanba S, Monji A, Fatemi SH, Buckley P, Debnath M, Das UN, Meyer U, Müller N, Kanchanatawan B, Maes M.(2013) Immuno-inflammatory, oxidative and nitrosative stress, and neuroprogressive pathways in the etiology, course and treatment of schizophrenia. Progress in Neuropsychopharmacol Biological Psychiatry. 
  • Kuehne LK, Reiber H, Bechter K, Hagberg L, Fuchs D.(2013). Cerebrospinal fluid neopterin is brain-derived and not associated with blood-CSF barrier dysfunction in non-inflammatory affective and schizophrenic spectrum disorders. Journal Psychiatric Research.
  • Bechter K, Wittek R, Seitz K, Antoniadis G. (2010) Personality disorders improved after arachnoid cyst neurosurgery, then rediagnosed as 'minor' organic personality disorders. Psychiatry Research.
  • Maxeiner HG, Rojewski MT, Schmitt A, Tumani H Bechter K, Schmitt M. (2009)Flow cytometric analysis of T cell subsets in paired samples of cerebrospinal fluid and peripheral blood from patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders. Brain Behavior Immunity.