Omega 3 treatment for psychiatric disorders. Why may work clinical trials but fail in real life

Guy Ben Zvi, MBA


CEO and scientific advisor Omega 3 Galil Ltd. Israel



A low omega 3 index is a well-known risk factor for psychiatric disorders. The explanation lies in the criticality of DHA in the myelin and synapse membranes and the anti-autoimmune effects of EPA derived eicosanoid hormones.

Many studies treating different psychiatric disorders with omega 3 supplements show varying levels of success. One question I will try to answer in my talk is why there are different rates of success or benefits from such trials.

The answers are hidden in three critical parameters:

1. The EPA to DHA ratio in the supplement used.

2. The oxidative stress in the patient and the ability to compensate for a high oxidative stress with vitamin E in the treatment protocol.

3. Weight dose normalization. Most clinical trials fail to control for the patients different body weights and hence the omega 3 index reaches different levels in each subject and since the clinical improvement is omega 3 index dependent the results are not as consistent as they may be.

But even after a promising successful clinical trial is published, real life application by patients is often disappointing. The second question I will try to answer is why patients in real life settings do not adhere to a nutritional protocol with omega 3. The answer to this question lies in the oxidation level of commercial omega 3 products off the shelf in most countries. The high oxidation of omega 3 oils lowers the efficiency of the oil to be absorbed and raise the omega 3 index and causes bad organoleptic experiences that causes patients to stop using them.

I will share my experience as a distributer of omega 3 supplements and as an expert in the handling of omega 3. I will also propose guidelines for designing a successful clinical trial with omega 3 and guidelines for handling omega 3 products in commercial settings to ensure that patients are able to achieve a long lasting positive effect with fish oil omega 3 supplements.