Leveraging academic research and collaboration in establishing the NutraSea Professional Optometry Business in Canada: A case report

Theresa Jahn, B.Sc., N.D.


Scientific Affairs Manager, Nature’s Way Canada, Schwabe North America


Driven by a need to innovate, scientifically substantiate, manufacture and market natural health products, Nature’s Way Canada, as a leading natural health product manufacturer, leverages academic research and collaborations to fulfil its objectives.


In this presentation, a case study will showcase how Nature’s Way Canada leveraged academic research to develop a Health Canada-approved omega-3 (EPA, DHA) and omega-6 (GLA) fatty acid combination product to help relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome and built a business marketed to Optometrists. The impact of academic research on not only developing this business but also on a clinical education platform, marketing materials and academic partnerships that have resulted will be highlighted. 


Additionally, the role of academic research in product development, ongoing partnerships between Nature’s Way, academia and efforts to work with pharmacists in Canada will be discussed, highlighting overall lessons learned and opportunities for industry and academia collaboration to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.