Symbiotic Relationships for People, Planet, and Science

Keri Marshall, MS, ND


Director Global Lipid Science and Advocacy, DSM Nutritional Products

Chair of GOED (Global Organization of EPA and DHA) Science Committee and Scientific Representative in the ECEO for GOED (Executive Committee on Education and Outreach)



Academia and industry share a unique symbiotic relationship where academia produces both the science and professionals who are absorbed by industry and research work done in universities is taken up by industry and turned into products and services. Industry also looks to academia for solutions to concerns in product development and innovation, and academia needs industry to translate complex scientific research into everyday application.


As more opportunities exist, resistance is being overcome, and the current funding climate has put pressure on academic institutions, the timing is right for industry and academia to work together to build partnerships, share ideas and achieve common goals. In her presentation, Dr. Marshall will discuss her experience building bridges between the two, and governmental bodies, to drive clinical research and translation of it for healthcare practitioners, new product development, supply chain and regulatory challenges.


Understand how global trends and market research in Omega 3s helps drive science, specifically in brain health, through collaborative corporate initiatives. While challenges exist in navigating these relationships, case studies will be shared to discuss the importance of collaboration for innovation through commercialization as critical to achieve the mission of making sure important discoveries reach the public in a meaningful way.


Within both industry and academia, great science begins with and great scientists who have good ideas. Because new research topics often arise out of the interaction between the two, the benefit reaches far beyond academia and industry, most importantly - public health and sustainable initiatives for the planet.